Anglais/English : The Internet, good side and seamy side

The Internet

Progress is the idea that the world becomes increasingly better. And therefore the internet is linked to the notion of progress.
The internet is a system of interconnected computer networks. It has been created in the early 70’s but the Internet has just had an impact on societies since the mid 90’s. Nowadays the internet serves several billion users worldwide.
As I said the internet has change a lot of things around the world and particularly lives of loves of people. On the one hand, it has made things going more easily and faster, For example when stock exchanges make trade, when two persons who live away from each other want to communicate, when something happen people immediately knows them thanks to the news on the internet, when somebody wants to know something. It a great tool for knowledge, for distraction, a great means of communication and trade. So the internet leads society to the progress.
But it has a seamy side that touches lots of people around the round. The internet has made some people hooked on technological devices, especially teenagers. So these people are more disconnected from the real world. For example, the number social networks are so high that it forces people to only live through them. We studied a comic strip on which a young couple only live and communicate through the internet. The drawer underlines the paradox between the web connection and the word disconnection.
People cannot do everything on the internet like you cannot exercise, actually meet people, eat, wash…
There are also dangerous people on the internet. Children are easy preys and easy potential victims when it comes to meeting people online. Virtual relationship can be altogether different from reality.
All data circulating on the net are not reliable all the time: there are extremist websites, viruses, hackers, spam, criminal networks, etc…
Even though there are a virtual police on the web, personal information may be disclosed by someone and it may harm the person, especially as the net has a memory of elephant. Indeed everything is saved on the internet.
To conclude the internet is a new device which seems to have very positive side but since several years people discovered a seamy side that should force people to pay more attention when using the internet.

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