Anglais/English : President Obama’s speech in El Paso

President Obama’s speech

President Obama delivered the speech in El Paso.
President Obama says that immigration strengthens the country like with the Miami Dade Community School which claims heritages from 181 countries round the world. The US is a nation of immigrants. But at the same time he wants to curb illegal immigration and trafficking across the border. In two and a half years more drugs, currency and weapons have been seized and fewer people apprehended while sneaking across the border. Obama believes that fewer people are attempting to cross the border illegally.
                He believes that immigrants can still make their dreams come true provided they are determined enough. The immigrants wanted to be free to work and workship and start a new business and live their lives in peace and prosperity. Obama gives the example of a young Hispanic immigrant. He worked on a farm as a farm labourer. He graduated from High School. He got an engineering degree. He earned a graduate degree. He found a job in a laboratory and he became an astronaut. Obama claims that these kids have dream and potential and hold the America’s future.
                If they do their best they should succeed. 

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