Anglais/English : Tijuana, a leaping point for migrants


            Tijuana is a leaping point for migrants going to the US. It is also a destination for Mexicans looking for works in factories (maquiladores). American people cross the border to buy cheap medicine and young Americans cross the border to drink alcohol.
                Tijuana is in Mexico along the border, across the border from San Diego. Over a million people live in Tijuana. It is the largest or the second largest city on the Mexican border.
                Tijuana conjures up images of excess. The urban poverty is a growing problem in this city. The migrants live in poor neighbourhood and the roads are dusty.
                The border crossing is one of the busiest in the world. The US Department of Homeland Security will fortify 14 miles along the border, install stadium like lighting and install security system (surveillance system like the CCTV cameras).
                Americans go to Mexico to buy low-cost prescription medicine because they cost a fraction of price the patient would pay in the US. Pharmacies line streets near the border, some promising that their clerks speak English.

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