Anglais/English : The Erasmus Program

Erasmus Program

Erasmus is the European Union’s flagship educational exchange program. The letters ERASMUS stand for European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of the European Students. Over two and a half million students have benefited from this program since its introduction in 1987. Thirty-three countries and 90% higher education establishments take part in this program.
Students can apply to study between three months and a full academic year. They could receive a grant from the European Commission (for the accommodation for example). It encourages the mobility of students and staff. It’s a chance for the Students to live, study and thrive abroad. They can discover news cultures, lifestyle and mind-set but they can also improve their language skills. Living abroad can make prejudices disappear. It makes you more open-minded.
The Students who take part / participated in the Erasmus program stand out on the job market and it can be a great addition to the CV.

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