Anglais/English : the Social Networks

I will talk about the social networks like Facebook and Twitter. A social network is a social website made up by a lot of social actors. On the photo we see two blue frocks but there are different. The first one is linked to the social network twitter ad the second one is linked to the social network facebook. That is to say that these two social networks are like clothes people wear and take off whenever they want. It is such the mode.
Nowadays, a lot of people, mainly in the develop countries have access to the internet. As a result, with the creation of these social networks, the number of registered people has been on increase. Lots of people around the world are on these social networks. It links all of the parts of the world. With these kinds of social structure, spaces do not represent a huge problem. There are constant flows of exchange. People from Australia can talk to French; he can share photos, the news easily. If your travel, the social networks allow you be like you never leave your house. When sometime happens, the world is immediately informed. It is like all of the parts of the world would be next to your home.
The social networks are a consequence of the globalization. People wants to be informed quickly and wants to know what happens. Globalization allows also some non-integrated spaces to be integrated and to be developed.
The social networks are also Americanisation of the world. It means that the American cultures spread of the world. It goes through the American brands like twitter facebook but also like Nike Mac Donald. It is kind intellectual exchanges between spaces because if the Americanisation is the most know, other countries also spread their cultures around the world like the French cultures.

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