Anglais/English : Nelson Mandela's life and the notion of Progress

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela’s life can be related to programme because he made people’s mind progress, he made his country evolve and change altogether. Thanks to him black people in South Africa really became citizens and got the right to vote; but he can also be regarded as a hero because he sacrificed himself to a cause. 

Before Mandela, they ware apartheid. Black people did not have the rights to vote. They were forced to live in township (Soweto for example). They had to have passbooks to go and work in white districts. They were discriminated against. All public places were segregated.

Mandela’s life can also be related to the idea of power. Indeed he managed to become the first black president of South Africa (the presidential palace in Pretoria is The Union Buildings) but what is paradoxical is that he had become powerful by his very sacrifice because he stayed in prison for so long (in Robben Island). It is his very personality and the strength of his ideas that made things change. 

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