Anglais/English : New York Stock Exchange

The New York Stock Exchange

In the New York Stock Exchange, we can see the acronym NYSE and the American flags called the star spangled banners. In the NYSE there are many strange columns which are surrounded with a lot of offices of big companies. On these offices there are a few electronic devices such as computers and TVs on which people we call traders can follow the stock exchange to earn more money that they put into the stock exchange. As we can see, these traders are moving so fast that we can't see them precisely. Indeed the trader's work is about reacting quickly on the stock exchange. And the Stock Exchange is opened 24 hours a day, 7 day a week so people can trade all the time. I choose this picture because it is linked to the notion of "space and exchange". Firstly in the NYSE there are traders coming from all over the world so they have with different nationalities. Nowadays space doesn't represent a huge problem because people can travel easy with the planes, private jets or the boats. Secondly the Stock Exchange is constantly online and it's the same for the world so it links different countries. Then in the Stock Exchange, traders make a lot of money exchange. This money come from other Stock exchange like the London Or Paris Stock Exchange. It created a flow of money coming from different places of the world and so there are also constant flows of exchange.
To my mind, because of these reasons, the New York Stock Exchange illustrates the notion of "space and exchange"

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