Anglais/English : the Mexican migration

The Migration

Migration is not a new phenomenon. People have always migrated. But since the beginning of the 20th century, migration has been on the increase. There are a lot of reasons for which people leave their home country. For example, poverty often forces people to far away and migrate. Wars conflicts and persecutions can also force them to go away. Some of them expect they will be able to fulfil their dreams or they still think that the American Dream will come true.
But migrants do not realize the risks they take when they are trying to reach a next country. They face the hazards. They risk drowning when trying to come over from Africa to Europe or when they are crossing the Rio Grande to come over from Mexico to USA. Some of the Mexican migrants die for a lack of water because there is a desert after the US border. That’s why the US authority has built a wall on the border to deter people from entering the US. Some migrants pay smugglers to cross borders on the sly. Migrants take all those risks because they have no other choice but to flee from their homeland. People think is worth trying taking risks.
Migrants expect also something from the host country. They expect to find a job, better opportunities for themselves and their families. They also expect to have some support from the state in which their arrived.

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