Summary of The Simpsons

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I ‘m going to describe the characters of a famous family, the Simpson.

The Simpson 

The Simpson is a series create by Matt Groening. They are composed of Homer (the father), Marge (the mother), Bart (the son) Lisa (the first daughter) and Maggie (the second daughter). They live in Springfield.
Homer works in the Springfield's Nuclear Power Station but he is not hard-working, and he’s quiet lazy and messy. He’s not a good example for his children because he’s very impatient, very irresponsible, not polite, dishonest and extremely stubborn. He only thinks about himself so he is selfish. But sometimes, he’s bold. He likes donuts and the beer Duff
Marge doesn’t work but she is a good woman because she looks after her children so she’s caring. She is quiet patient and responsible, she’s honest not like Homer and hard-working but she’s quiet talkative. She likes cooking.
Bart goes to the Springfield's Elementary School with his best friend, Milhouse. They are extremely irresponsible and selfish and they are rude. Bart likes doing any stupidity with Milhouse and watching TV.
Lisa goes to the Springfield's Elementary School too. She is gifted and good example for anyone. She is talkative like her mother. She is quite caring, touchy and responsible. But sometimes she‘s a little bit jealous. She likes finding out and learning about things so she’s extremely hard-working, not like Bart and she loves reading books, helping around her and watching TV with her brother.
Maggie is a little baby but she doesn’t speak. She’s very clumsy and easily scared. 

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