Idea of Progress (Baccalauréat expression orale en anglais) - the Internet

I’m going to talk about the notion of « Progress » and illustrate my point with one aspect of this theme: the Internet. Progress is the idea that the world is becoming increasingly better so we can ask ourselves: to what extent does the Internet illustrate the notion of progress? First I’d like to mention its impact on societies. Then I will talk about its impact on development. Finally, I will talk about the seamy side of the Internet.

Firstly, the Internet has a social impact on families.
Today’s teenagers are usually better at using computers that their parents. They are the family tech gurus as they are computer savvy and they can show the rest of the family how to handle a computer as effectively as possible.
They are also lots of social networks that change communication between people. You use them to speak, share something with people who live away from you for instance.
Then the Internet has an impact on the economy.
The Stock Exchanges allow traders to remain connected all the time. It’s faster; the Internet is a great means of communication and trade. Traders can trade without waiting...

Then shopping online is more practical as you can do it from your home. You can also have your goods delivered at home. You can also know what other customers think about the product you are about to buy. Consumers associations can also give you some advice. Online shopping is a better way of doing your shopping in a supermarket as it provides services that supermarkets do not provide.
Finally, the Internet has also made things evolve;
In poor countries like countries in Africa or South America, people generally do not have access to the Internet. Developed countries think basic welfare is enough, yet developing countries also need IT to become developed. For instance, the Internet helps farmers to check the going prices for their products. Rural artists and craftsmen in remote villages can reach a global market for their handmade products.

But the Internet has downsides.
On the Internet, there are hackers. Those people are computer savvy. They know how to spy on secret, personal and highly sensitive data which may harm people. Especially as the Net has a memory like an elephant. Indeed everything is saved on the Internet? Firms and countries have to defend themselves against hackers in the cyberwar between countries.
All data circulating on the Net is not reliable all the time: there are extremist websites, viruses, spam, criminal networks, etc.
There are also dangerous people on the Internet. Children are easy preys and easy potential victims when it comes to meeting people online. Virtual relationship can be altogether different from reality.

To conclude the Internet is a new device which seems to lead the word to progress but for several years people have discovered the seamy side that should force people to be more cautious when using the Internet.

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