Anglais/English : Debates between the press and internet

Debates between the press and internet

The internet is cheaper and sometimes free, readers paid just micro-payments which are better than paid for the year or for the day.

Everyone have not internet and newspapers still a traditional way to be informed

Internet is more convenient, we all use electronic devices and we have a prompt access to a website it’s more easier to be informed about a piece of news

When there is a network problems like the fire on Mathilde’s bridge during the last holiday, people need to be informed and so people have to read newspapers

Internet is faster, if something takes place in a place on earth, with internet we will know everything that happens immediately whereas with the newspapers, people have to wait the next day.

The newspapers are more reliable than information which circulates on the internet. The information in the newspapers are checked before being published

In a dictatorship, the messages are more difficult to control on the internet and on social networks like Twitter than with the newspapers

Newspapers offer us a complete and precise view about a subject than on the internet where information is partials.

The world is changing, newspapers must adapt. Why continue to make paper whereas we can do without.

The culture of books and reading must be maintained in the young generations because it give.

The new generations don’t have the culture of books and reading and so the companies have to go to these people to earn money and it possible thanks to the internet.

Advertisers spend less there are less investments and as a consequent more newspapers go bankrupt, they are forced to close and to dismiss employees. So we have to read to avoid this.

On the internet, we can share a point of view, discuss with other readers more easily than with the readers.

There is more contact between newspapers and readers than between Web and Internet users.

Internet is an ecological advantage: no trees cutting, no toxic ink, and no vehicle movement, so there is less pollution.

Newspapers have more interest to be read because some people who are journalists, directors, editors live with their job, and it is difficult to move into another job because we are in an economic crisis.

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