Anglais/English : Dialogue about the obesity

The obesity

Tonight on the new, we will talk about a modern health issues that touches the all world: the obesity. Obesity is a medical condition in which excess fat has accumulated in the body that it may have an effect on health.
This issue is very dangerous because it’s hazardous to people’s health.
We have with us 5 experts who work on this issue since the discovery: D, M, S, F and S.
First, Mister D, may you tell more about this issue in the world?

D: At the beginning, we taught that it only touches the developed countries like the USA but after some searches, we leant that developing countries are also touched. This phenomenon is on the increase and worrying. And authorities, in developed countries make this issue of paramount important.

H: In developed countries, the obesity is linked to the consumer society. In these countries, there are a lot of fast foods restaurants like Mac Donald, KFC, Subway, burger Kings which proposes junk foods like Coca-Cola, hamburgers. These junk foods make people fat. People know it’s unhealthy, but they have no other choice but to eat them because, they don’t have the time, they don’t have enough money to buy healthy foods. The obesity is increased by the fact that less and less people make sport. Sure, some people are obese because of the genes. But Mister Dorian can you explain the situation in developing countries.

D:  In developing countries, the obesity is due to the same reasons but also to the ignorance. Indeed, people who come from countryside, go to the city to find better livings conditions and a job. But this people begin to eat junk foods because they don’t know it’s bad for health. So they continue and they’ll become fat. At the top of that, they don’t have any sport culture. The obesity is increased by the fact that the fast food companies take an opportunity and install more and more fast food restaurants in these countries.

Hakan: Thank you. Then, Manon and Sophie, can you explain the consequences in developing countries

S: The obesity in developing countries is a very important problem. The thing is that lots of people from developing country were used to eat lots of vegetables, and because of development of the country they live in town where they eat more junk food. They're not used to this kind of alimentation and it makes them fat. And it keeps increasing. A lot of overweight peoples had complexes and are frightened of their environment (notably because of the discrimination and the other people’s opinion). But they are deprived, so they can’t pay any doctor to treat their obesity.

M : For example, in China less than 10% of the population suffered from obesity and 3 years after, more than 15% suffered from obesity. People cannot move properly and become sick. Fatter people area and lazier people are. Obesity increases the likelihood of diseases like heart disease, the diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Many people die from obesity injuries. The blood gets stuck on the arteries and cannot access to organs. Obesity makes the life expectancy decreasing. In developed and developing countries, it endangers more the little children because they are born in this consumer society.

H: so that’s why we can talk about a new world health issue. Thank. Today, more and more ONG or charities like Stop Obesity in USA try to help the over weird people. Felix and Simon can you tell more about these suggestions?

F: These ONG and charities society make awareness campaigns. In fact the obesity is an issue that you fight with long term and various solutions. It means that if you want the obesity to disappear, they have to make peoples aware of fatty foods and they have to make the way they make sport easier. Children are the most vulnerable peoples because they watch lot of food products advertisement on TV. That's a real problem and that’s why the government of develop countries have launched awareness TV campaigns against salty, fatty or sweaty foods. The obese children of today are the obese adults of tomorrow and that's why TV campaigns between cartoons and on child channels are the solutions to solve definitely the problem in developed countries.

S: To help the obsess adults it exist diets programs whose rebalance the nutritional intake of the overweight peoples. We can for example created lower price to enter in sporting rooms or created more parks in cities to allow them to walk, to ride or to do any type of physical exercise. It's also important to bring to the obese a psychological assistance.

H: To conclude the obesity is a cultural issue in whom the standard of living of the peoples is a determining fact. It touches more and more the developing countries and has a lot of harmful consequence on health.  Thank you for your attention and have a great day

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